Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YOU have to enter!!! Tee Shirt BABY!!

If you don't own a tee by these ladies then you must go get your verse on.. cuz your life will be changed! I'm being serious~ they are addictin. I love em'. soft. versey. and cute. better than cute. go check it out.
they are having ANOTHER give away! seriously. not one but FOUR. and well.. geesh.. I'm not giving away all the details ... lol. go seriously run don't w/a/l/k/ over to the blog and check it out!!!
did i say how much i loooooove the new tee?

Sunday, September 19, 2010



I am washing my awesome shirt now so I will post photos soon... so until then you must check out these blogs.. I have been reading Gwen's blog ever since we "met" on our Bethany board years ago.. while we were adopting our kiddos in 2006 from the same agency.

She is a sweet heart with a passion for God and orphans.

http://oatsvallteam.blogspot.com/ and http://147millionorphans.com/pick-me/

So gotta give a shout out cuz 147 is supporting families adopting and that is how I won a tee! which brings me to the next blog... Sonia... that girl will crack you up! me and Sonia go way back to the Forks.. way up North.. Grand Forks that is.. you can read all about the miracles God is doing in their lives and I am telling you- smiles and tears will flow.


and now i am off to recover from the THREE birthdays... happy sweet birthday to cowgirl, giggles, and bigboy.. all in the same week! whew~

Monday, August 2, 2010

If you have...

a place to come back to, you have a home. If you have someone to love, you have a family. If you have them both, that means you are blessed.
I just read that quote out of a pile of papers as I am cleaning our school room- how nice I thought. I like the sound of that. Then the next pile of papers I come across are either last years or the year prior to that ( I really must start dating these ( GOOD STUFF) homemade Valentine card's shared within our family.

It brought back memories and tears stream down my face.. no wonder I can't get anything done around here!

To Daddy:
I love daddy b/c " he is the best man and plays rough" (batman)
I love you b/c your the best Quail chucker and deer hunter I've ever known. Thanks for taking me out in the woods. I love you very much. (cowgirl)
I love you so much for being my daddy. You tickle me and are a pumpkin head. I like to hug you. (giggles)
I love you b/c 'you said yes! and now I have a family~" ( bigboy)

To Batman:
I love you b/c you are the best brother and play with me (Bigboy)
I love you b/c you laugh and scream like a girl. I just love you so much. (giggles)
I love you b/c you like airplanes and God. (cowgirl)

To; God
I love you b/c he keeps us safe, the best power of all truth. (Batman)

To Bigboy:
I love 'Bigboy' b/c he plays with me (Batman)
I love you b/c you are sweet, thanks for the boom (giggles)
I love you b/c you are cuddly (cowgirl)

To Cowgirl
I love cowgirl b/c she keeps me safe and plays with me on the bouncy ball (batman)
I love you b/c you are my 'cowgirl' peach, you snuggle with me, she makes pretty pictures for me and i love her so much. (giggles)
I love you b/c you like to take care of me and will play cars with me (bigboy)

To Giggles
I love you b/c you love to snuggle with me, and you are the best sister ever (cowgirl)
I love 'Giggles' b/c she hugs me and loves me (batman)
I love you b/c you like to feed me and will play trains with me (bigboy)

To Mommy
I love you b/c "so so so much. my snuggle-bug peach mommy, she has pretty eyes, hugs me, big kisses me, cooking with me, I love mommy's heart, sit by her and you smile with me. (Giggles)
I love you b/c you always take care of us (cowgirl)
I love you b/c you are my mommy (bigboy)
I love mommy "bc she is special to me and always comes back to me" (batman)

The end.

Monday, June 14, 2010

TA's and gearing up to travel!

noooo not me... sigh.
but REJOICE - Laura and Jan Have TA and both families are getting ready to travel for their daughters!!!
Prayer request:
Jan (and family) are adopting Abigail MistyMing. She is 11 1/2. And my gosh she is beautiful! It is said that she is very happy to be adopted soon! YEA. Please pray for the transition and bonding. The adjustment to America and life out of China, SWI, foods, smells, sounds ect- into a Godly home, full of love,4 brothers, 2sisters, and two parents- how cool is that! Of course pray for everything else God places on your heart.

Laura (and family) are adopting little miss Maggie! She is also an older child and absolutely beautiful. Please pray for safe travels, bonding and the adjustments of coming into an American- Christian home. Miss Maggie will be coming home to two brothers and a sister! They are very excited- pray for this awesome family and their hearts.

These families are leaving VERY soon for their children!!
Thank you God for the gift of adoption. Thank you for the grafting of NEW branches into our family trees.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Teaching Batman how to make pancakes!

This morning he wanted to crack the eggs.. something about boys cracking eggs in this house that makes me wanna say ...uuummm nooooo... but I say SURE, I would LOVE for you to crack the eggs! :O)

enjoy the photos!

and note.. we only needed one egg.. but to help ..I trippled the recipe so we could use em up - well. what we could of them! lol
I mean really- I had to make him feel good about the mess right!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Calling ALL friends.. mine needs you..

Sonia is fundraising for TWO older boys.. her SONS .. they live in Ch*na. and.she.wants.them.home. China has said YES!!
one way that you can help is to get your verse on ;o)
or maybe just send her a blessing by prayer, a check or cash, a bench for her back seat in the van so all the boys fit, or perhaps God is putting something even bigger or better or smaller and better on your heart.. little adds up to big. I don't want to limit you ~
Pass this on to as many people as you can!!
Prayer is powerful.
(thanks cowgirl for taking a great photo!!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It appears I have neglected this blog! sorry folks..

this is the first year I have officially homeschooled ALL of the kiddos.. even though it is my 4th year.. I LOVE it. But something had to give.. and it was the blog.

HOWEVER, I do have tons of photos to post and love to give so this summer I plan to update ya on our life ... heeelllooo anyone still there??? LOL
This is cowgirl schooling in the sun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!!

HE HAS RISEN!! (Matthew 28:6)

I am so thankful for a Savior that has come to die so that I can live!
You can live too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you EVER?

forgotten your password? how about your email account? LOL.. I have been MIA b/c I forgot BOTH! yep. uumhhmmm. couldn't sign in.. so I couldn't write.. oh how embarrassing!
where shall I start to get caught up?
1. went to St Lucia for a week for 14 yr wedding anniversary :0) oh yea!
2. came home and spent Friday night in ER with oldest kiddo for infected foot...
3. came home and spent Saturday in ER with youngest kiddo for double ear infection...
4. babysitting a bearded dragon lizard (actually oldest kiddo is) and its really cool
5. following (on her blog) a good friend adopting a almost 6 yr old from Ch*na and of course I am lovin it ;o)
6. A robin bird has been trying for two days to get in my house.. I taped(on film) it.. it is pounding on my glass door.. I pound back.. it pecks back.. I think he/she is pyscho.. since i am I drew little blue men on my glass door in hopes to scare it away... please birdie go away.. your not cute anymore...

okay.. all caught up.. now I will attempt to pull photos off my phone to put them on here :O)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Please be careful where you are donating to. Please pray for the people, both of Haiti and the ones helping- the orphans, the ones who are looking for family, the ones who have lost, the ones who are hungry, the ones who are sick, the ones who are cold, the ones who need water, the ones who have toothpaste under the their noses b/c of the smell of death, the ones who are vulnerable, the ones who are so desperate that they can't think straight, the ones who are displaced (came to the US) and are confused bythe lang- smells-food- give them peace Lord, give them food and water and clothing and families Lord. Give them YOU Lord give them hope and a forever that they can hold on to.
There are many agencies out there. every little bit helps. if you don't know where to give, I trust this one- my husband and i went to college with Mark and trust him. he and his wife are doing good good things with their org. you can trust them too.

Part 2 - long overdue... cowgirl and SingOff

Mom, I have to talk to you NOOOOOWWW!!!!! in all her girl drama living large!
Cowgirl was reading her bible and came directly to the passage that showed her the name[beeelzebul, beelzebub] describing them as 'prince of demons' in Mark, Matthew and Luke! pages flipping, pages flying and the computer came out next- dad came into the picture to help out and To say that she was distraught is a slight understatement. She was broken. It was an excellent lesson in the Holy Spirit leading her and her heart listening to Him. It was a lesson in paying attention when God calls us to listen and look for a wolf in sheep's clothing! I absolutely hated seeing my daughter broken yet I absolutely loved seeing my daughter broken. I loved being able to watch God in my daughters life because it was the most amazing gift from our Savior to watch unfold. The brokenness in her eyes to the light shine when she came to realize her Lord was calling her and protecting her. The excitement of her love for Jesus and her dislike of the prince of demons!
The true brokenness in her heart over the boys in that band b/c most likely they did not know the love of Jesus or that they turned from Him. She mourned for them. She is 9. she blows me away.