Monday, August 2, 2010

If you have...

a place to come back to, you have a home. If you have someone to love, you have a family. If you have them both, that means you are blessed.
I just read that quote out of a pile of papers as I am cleaning our school room- how nice I thought. I like the sound of that. Then the next pile of papers I come across are either last years or the year prior to that ( I really must start dating these ( GOOD STUFF) homemade Valentine card's shared within our family.

It brought back memories and tears stream down my face.. no wonder I can't get anything done around here!

To Daddy:
I love daddy b/c " he is the best man and plays rough" (batman)
I love you b/c your the best Quail chucker and deer hunter I've ever known. Thanks for taking me out in the woods. I love you very much. (cowgirl)
I love you so much for being my daddy. You tickle me and are a pumpkin head. I like to hug you. (giggles)
I love you b/c 'you said yes! and now I have a family~" ( bigboy)

To Batman:
I love you b/c you are the best brother and play with me (Bigboy)
I love you b/c you laugh and scream like a girl. I just love you so much. (giggles)
I love you b/c you like airplanes and God. (cowgirl)

To; God
I love you b/c he keeps us safe, the best power of all truth. (Batman)

To Bigboy:
I love 'Bigboy' b/c he plays with me (Batman)
I love you b/c you are sweet, thanks for the boom (giggles)
I love you b/c you are cuddly (cowgirl)

To Cowgirl
I love cowgirl b/c she keeps me safe and plays with me on the bouncy ball (batman)
I love you b/c you are my 'cowgirl' peach, you snuggle with me, she makes pretty pictures for me and i love her so much. (giggles)
I love you b/c you like to take care of me and will play cars with me (bigboy)

To Giggles
I love you b/c you love to snuggle with me, and you are the best sister ever (cowgirl)
I love 'Giggles' b/c she hugs me and loves me (batman)
I love you b/c you like to feed me and will play trains with me (bigboy)

To Mommy
I love you b/c "so so so much. my snuggle-bug peach mommy, she has pretty eyes, hugs me, big kisses me, cooking with me, I love mommy's heart, sit by her and you smile with me. (Giggles)
I love you b/c you always take care of us (cowgirl)
I love you b/c you are my mommy (bigboy)
I love mommy "bc she is special to me and always comes back to me" (batman)

The end.