Sunday, January 24, 2010


Please be careful where you are donating to. Please pray for the people, both of Haiti and the ones helping- the orphans, the ones who are looking for family, the ones who have lost, the ones who are hungry, the ones who are sick, the ones who are cold, the ones who need water, the ones who have toothpaste under the their noses b/c of the smell of death, the ones who are vulnerable, the ones who are so desperate that they can't think straight, the ones who are displaced (came to the US) and are confused bythe lang- smells-food- give them peace Lord, give them food and water and clothing and families Lord. Give them YOU Lord give them hope and a forever that they can hold on to.
There are many agencies out there. every little bit helps. if you don't know where to give, I trust this one- my husband and i went to college with Mark and trust him. he and his wife are doing good good things with their org. you can trust them too.

Part 2 - long overdue... cowgirl and SingOff

Mom, I have to talk to you NOOOOOWWW!!!!! in all her girl drama living large!
Cowgirl was reading her bible and came directly to the passage that showed her the name[beeelzebul, beelzebub] describing them as 'prince of demons' in Mark, Matthew and Luke! pages flipping, pages flying and the computer came out next- dad came into the picture to help out and To say that she was distraught is a slight understatement. She was broken. It was an excellent lesson in the Holy Spirit leading her and her heart listening to Him. It was a lesson in paying attention when God calls us to listen and look for a wolf in sheep's clothing! I absolutely hated seeing my daughter broken yet I absolutely loved seeing my daughter broken. I loved being able to watch God in my daughters life because it was the most amazing gift from our Savior to watch unfold. The brokenness in her eyes to the light shine when she came to realize her Lord was calling her and protecting her. The excitement of her love for Jesus and her dislike of the prince of demons!
The true brokenness in her heart over the boys in that band b/c most likely they did not know the love of Jesus or that they turned from Him. She mourned for them. She is 9. she blows me away.