Sunday, September 19, 2010



I am washing my awesome shirt now so I will post photos soon... so until then you must check out these blogs.. I have been reading Gwen's blog ever since we "met" on our Bethany board years ago.. while we were adopting our kiddos in 2006 from the same agency.

She is a sweet heart with a passion for God and orphans. and

So gotta give a shout out cuz 147 is supporting families adopting and that is how I won a tee! which brings me to the next blog... Sonia... that girl will crack you up! me and Sonia go way back to the Forks.. way up North.. Grand Forks that is.. you can read all about the miracles God is doing in their lives and I am telling you- smiles and tears will flow.

and now i am off to recover from the THREE birthdays... happy sweet birthday to cowgirl, giggles, and bigboy.. all in the same week! whew~