Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be still...

Over the past few days we have been watching "the Sing O*f"" on NB@. Mainly bc my cousin's child is in the Voices of Lee (from Lee University) and we have been having fun watching him sing!! There is also a very "fun" group on the show- they sing well, perform well and have a overall charisma that entertains the masses. I have heard both Flyboy and Cowgirl say on different occasions it was fun to watch them perform as well.
On the last night of performances Cowgirl said, "I really like their name. (which is beelzebub's). I suppose I wasn't paying attention.. not putting two and two together... just wasn't' thinking!!! I was putting ALL my attention on Voices of Lee.
That night, Cowgirl laid in her bed reading the bible and I was in the boys room tucking them into bed. She came-literally screeching, into their room- 'MOM I have to TALK TO YOU NOW.'
Part 2 tomorrow...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

more photos of kids

Photos of kids

first ramblings/introductions

Last week we celebrated bigboy being home for one year! It was surreal. As many that come here- and that means all three of you.. know it was nothing short of a modern day miracle. I look at that boy and rub my eyes.. wake me, pinch me.. am I dreaming? Is he really here? Can it be? Yes Yes. I do serve a God that loves me so much. That loves him so much. that he is here. with a family. forever. my gracious I love that boy to pieces. he makes my heart melt.. and he knows it. He doesn't even have to work at it. Is this what they say about the "baby in the family".. the momma's boy...
SO lets talk about why they have nick names this time around... I don't want anyone to find us.. it sthat plain and simple. So if you ever google me. and find this blog.. let me know. k. k. thank.s.
next... safer for my kiddos.
cuz we are gonna have fun and talk about em. :O)
oldest daughter REALLY wants to live on a farm (me too) and be a cowgirl (me too). so she was easy. it was either that or drama queen and i wanted to be nice today. she is 9.. but tells me daily that "next year I'll be in the double digits" ...sigh.
next in line.. our 6 yr old. man that girl can make me belly laugh. so i gave her giggles. cuz thats what she makes me do and her laugh is beautiful. and she laughs at people... yes we are working on that.
then there is our 5 1/2 yr old.. my first son. yet third child.. the CHARMERRRRRRRR> he is going to make the girls go WEAK at the knees. he will make mother in law hopefuls LOVE him. HE WILL NOT DATE> did i just digress? He LOVES super heroes... therefore Batman popped up in my head. He makes me laugh. He serves well. He will make his wife happy.. very happy one day. And I plan to take ALL THE CREDIT for it.. :O) He is one amazing little boy.
and lastly... my sweetie pie. he is forever telling me.. i am not a baby anymore momma. I am a bigboy like batman. So i now pronounce him BIGboy. -he does know he is only 3 right? sweetboy.cuteboy.dimpleboy.kissyfaceboy.myboy. ohh digressing again..sorry.
and then i have my FLYBOY- i won't mention his age.. cuz then he might get on here and mention mine :O). So Flyboy...that would be my man. my one and only. my loviedovie.
so i guess we are all covered.
see ya tomorrow..