Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you EVER?

forgotten your password? how about your email account? LOL.. I have been MIA b/c I forgot BOTH! yep. uumhhmmm. couldn't sign in.. so I couldn't write.. oh how embarrassing!
where shall I start to get caught up?
1. went to St Lucia for a week for 14 yr wedding anniversary :0) oh yea!
2. came home and spent Friday night in ER with oldest kiddo for infected foot...
3. came home and spent Saturday in ER with youngest kiddo for double ear infection...
4. babysitting a bearded dragon lizard (actually oldest kiddo is) and its really cool
5. following (on her blog) a good friend adopting a almost 6 yr old from Ch*na and of course I am lovin it ;o)
6. A robin bird has been trying for two days to get in my house.. I taped(on film) it.. it is pounding on my glass door.. I pound back.. it pecks back.. I think he/she is pyscho.. since i am I drew little blue men on my glass door in hopes to scare it away... please birdie go away.. your not cute anymore...

okay.. all caught up.. now I will attempt to pull photos off my phone to put them on here :O)