Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be still...

Over the past few days we have been watching "the Sing O*f"" on NB@. Mainly bc my cousin's child is in the Voices of Lee (from Lee University) and we have been having fun watching him sing!! There is also a very "fun" group on the show- they sing well, perform well and have a overall charisma that entertains the masses. I have heard both Flyboy and Cowgirl say on different occasions it was fun to watch them perform as well.
On the last night of performances Cowgirl said, "I really like their name. (which is beelzebub's). I suppose I wasn't paying attention.. not putting two and two together... just wasn't' thinking!!! I was putting ALL my attention on Voices of Lee.
That night, Cowgirl laid in her bed reading the bible and I was in the boys room tucking them into bed. She came-literally screeching, into their room- 'MOM I have to TALK TO YOU NOW.'
Part 2 tomorrow...

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  1. lol..she freaked huh..i see where this is going